Tom's Warriors- A Support Group



Tom Mastrangelo was a wonderful husband and dad of 4 year old Grace when he passed from cancer in August of 2016. His amazing wife, Ilene, and Grace, who is now 7, have founded Tom's Warriors. Tom's Warriors is a new support group for children ages 4 to teens, who have lost a parent to cancer, as well as for their spouse/partner, and for parents who have lost children to cancer or a terminal illness. Adults who are caring for a loved one who is terminal are also invited to register to attend. 

Children who have lost a parent to cancer will play games, make a craft and chat with a Therapist on the lower level of our center, while Ilene Mastrangelo leads a group for adults who have lost a spouse or partner to cancer, or those who have lost a child to cancer, and those who are caring for a terminal child, spouse or loved one battling cancer.

This group is free to all who attend, and will be held at on the 4th Tuesday of each month sponsored by Pillars of Light and Love, at the Empowering U Center, 511 W Main St, Trappe PA.

Donations are appreciated so we can continue the group with support of a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist for the children in Tom's Warriors. To donate, choose Tom's Warriors from the dropdown menu at  THIS LINK or mail a check payable to Pillars of Light and Love, 511 W Main St, Trappe, PA 19426. THANK YOU!

Registration and email confirmation 48 hours before is required. If we do not have enough confirmations we will cancel the session, so please be sure to confirm with the email you receive.

Call 484-854-1162 or email for questions!