Gina S., Pottsgrove Middle School Parent - Kathy Opperman and your entire group- thank you so much for visiting Pottsgrove Middle School today. You empowered the students with your passionate speech. It was interactive and very informative. The entire 90 minute assembly was very well planned and honed in on what matters most, to "be kind", "do you", it's not ok, and "it's ok not to be ok"..all catch phrases that I hope and pray stay with each listening ear. Sitting in the audience made me empowered myself as a grown woman, I can only imagine what it did to the young listening ears!

Sarah R.For more than two years I have been a caregiver for my Mother who has Alzheimer's, while working part-time. I applied for assistance through Pillars of Light and Love and I was awarded a free month of yoga, two 60-minute massages, and 3 one-hour life coaching sessions. These free services, which I could not have afforded on my own, were a tremendous relief to me. The yoga classes taught me better meditation practices and basics of yoga to continue on my own. The therapeutic massage helped relieve my physical and emotional stress. Also I benefitted tremendously from the coaching sessions, which helped encourage me to manage my Mom's care more effectively, while making time for my own needs. With Deb Tray's guidance I re-evaluated my situation and found what changes would pay off to make me happier and give me more financial freedom. I found a better-paying job because of it, and I am grateful for all the advice she provided. These services, as a whole, were a godsend to me at a time when I needed it most; when I was so focused on my Mom's care that I was neglecting my own. I can't thank Pillars of Light and Love enough!

Bonnie B. - Pillars of Light and Love at the Empowering U Center does just that – Empowers you! I have been attending both workshops and groups since early 2nd quarter of 2016 and their programs have had both an educational, and an inspirational impact on my life.  They have become a second family for my son and me, with excellent life coaches and people to turn to in times of private need.  I highly recommend their services and encourage everyone to donate to their awesome program!  Thank-you so much for all that you do to help Empower ME!

Cheri S.I have been having my eight-year-old daughter attend various workshops at Pillars of Light and Love.  I know how many challenges there are for young girls her age to face such as self-esteem and bullying.  My daughter has always been extremely shy and quiet.  After a few classes with great teachers, I have seen her open up to other children with more confidence.  The messages taught to children and teenagers are messages of love and acceptance, which are necessary for everyone to hear!  We need as many children and adults as possible to hear the messages offered at Pillars of Light and Love.  They are helping to end the pain and depression experienced by people who find it difficult to always fit in.  Bless everyone involved in this great organization!

Christine M. - What I learned from Kathy Opperman and her workshops at Pillars of Light and Love literally saved my life! I was so unhappy in the circumstances of my life at that time, let alone a list of past baggage to get rid of as well as a list of things I wanted to be for my future self. The power of thinking, and realizing I have had it all along (just didn't know how to use it) helped me make some major steps toward a better mindset- which in turn continues to bring forth more positive (though sometimes disguised!) experiences to me. I could go on and on- but I will forever be grateful that you took to this calling to teach other people how to be their best selves and gain what they want in life by adjusting the way they think about themselves and life. It helped me to make some major changes in my life that opened the door to many amazing things- the best being a great new job and new life in Chicago. I can't believe I've been here for one year now! You truly are a gift from God and I'm so thankful that you were put in my path... 

Linda Paugh, Director of Human Resources, Linton's Food Service Management

Kathy gave a presentation to our leadership team on two occasions on Time and Stress Management. The information and material Kathy presented was not only useful in the workplace but for home and personal life as well. Kathy is engaging, clear speaking and inspiring. Our entire team enjoyed the presentation and had many takeaways!

Biofeedback testimonial from client of the Empowering U Center: 

"After trying several different forms of Talk Therapy and self-help modalities over the years, I really hadn't found what I truly needed and that was for someone to help me to help myself. I turned to Biofeedback with Al in January of this year, and the results have been nothing short of amazing.  After years of thinking that most of my problems were in my head, it was quite surprising to discover they were literally hiding throughout my entire body! I never considered how my personal nutrition, as well as exposures to stress and environmental toxins were affecting not only my physical health, but emotional and spiritual health as well. Now that I have learned what my body actually needs, and wants from me, I can make the best choices with regard to not only my diet, but also the types of products I use on my body and in my home, and because of this, I find my emotional well-being is at an all time high. Biofeedback has helped me rediscover the most important person in my life-me! And if I don't take care of me, how can I possibly care for anyone else? While we are all the same in many ways, we are just as different, so if you are tired of the many "one size fits all " treatments out there, I encourage you to try this very personalized approach to health and wellness."  Learn more about Diane Nolan and Al Rieth and Biofeedback at http://www.empoweringucenter.com/practitioners-and-services.htm


For some time, our 10 year daughter had been struggling with anxiety and obsessive / compulsive thoughts and behaviors.  My wife and I were taking her to a cognitive therapist and we were seeing mixed results.  As you can imagine, all we wanted to do was to help our daughter so we continued looking for additional treatment options for her.  This is when my wife happened to find a free talk on the benefits of biofeedback therapy at "The Empowering U Center" in Trappe.  Following the talk, my wife and I did some additional research of our own and then decided to give the therapy a try.  We went in with an open mind and decided from the start that we are committed to ensuring we follow treatment plan.

Workshop Feedback

Vision Board Workshop:
Amazing program! would love to do this again really made me think about setting goals and a great way to get your brain organized.

Building a Bridge to Your Future by Overcoming Your Past:
I came as a guest of someone else and I didn’t expect to gain so much as I did. I feel grateful I plan to return.

Teaching Your Child to Create an Abundant Life:

Christie was excellent, gave many practical examples on what to do. I am going to do all the things she suggested. I know that this has totally made a difference in my life.    

BE ME Kids Program:

"My daughter looks forward to each BE ME Kids event. She enjoys the crafts and activities and conversations about kindness and how to handle bullies. This is a much needed program for our youth!"

Julia's Joy Teen Talk:

"Thank you for telling me and inviting me to Julia's Joy teen talk. I don't think I've ever felt more comfortable talking about things from depression and suicide to just laughing at jokes than with Carter. He's so so easy to talk to and is understanding about anything and everything. Julia's Joy is truly making the difference in my life that I needed and I'm forever grateful for the Empowering U Center"~ 18 year old Teen