11 Year Old Skylar Leads BE ME KIDS GROUP

be me kids


A fun and empowering program for Boys and Girls ages 5-11. "BE ME" is a children's group created by our Founder's Granddaughter, Skylar Rose, when she was 9 years old in 2016. 

Skylar noticed some kids in her class and neighborhood were not being themselves. They seemed to be pretending to be someone they were not in order to fit in. She named the group BE ME because she wanted to let kids know they should just be themselves. She asked her Grandmother, Kathy Opperman to get t-shirts with a logo, and the monthly program was born!

A different topic is covered in each session and always includes an open discussion on kind and unkind things the children observed in their school or friend's groups. Our discussion helps youth strengthen self-confidence, create self-acceptance and gives them techniques to manage stress, stand up to peer pressure, as well as to embrace kindness toward themselves and others.

The kids always make an empowering craft to take home such as an "I AM" placemat, a box of loving messages to themselves, a gratitude jar, and more. 

Our goal is to empower youth to feel free to express their feelings and individual personalities, and help them with bullying and feelings of exclusion.