We are very excited to announce auditions for our third Julia's Joy Voice Idol Competition where our live shows will be held once again at the beautiful Shannondell Theater in Audubon PA!  Auditions will be held October 27th  and November  3rd  & 17th. Registration is required. See guidelines below!  Show dates will be February 9th & February 24th in 2020!  NEW! For this year we will have two age groups competing. See below!

OPEN TO AGES 11-18*                                          

  • *Contestants must be 11 years old by October 27th and still be 18 years old by March 1, 2020

  • Open Auditions are being held Sundays: Oct 27th, Nov 3rd & 17th from 2-4 pm. Limited spots are available so registration is required by clicking the registration links on this page or  by calling 484-854-1162.

  • After all Open Auditions are complete, 10 Contestants will be chosen in each age group: 11-14 year-olds and 15-18 year-olds.

  • There will be a $500.00 Grand Prize in each age group!

  • 20 contestants will compete in the first show on February 9, 2020.

  • At the end of the first show we will announce the top 5 in each age group

  • The top 5 in each age group will perform 2 songs- a fast and a slow song- in the Finale on February 24th 

  • Our goal for all of our Julia's Joy Programs is to empower youth. In this project, our mission is to strengthen confidence, and improve performance skill, in talented youth interested in performing publicly. To improve and strengthen skills, the 20 Contestants will receive free group vocal and performance coaching from our 2018 and 2019 Winners, Ava DiFiore and Rachel Roth, as well as local lead singer-and one of last year's Judges- the very talented Tina Belles from the Blonde, James Blonde band.  


1. Contest is for ages 11-18. Contestants must be 11 years old by October 27, 2019, and must still be age 18 through February 28, 2020. We will have two age groups competing this year. Ten contestants in ages 11-14 and Ten in ages 15-18. You may only audition once per year. If Contestant will be changing age categories between audition and the first show, please see Kathy Opperman. 

2. Contestants must audition live without music or instruments and as a single act. Contestant should prepare 2 songs, no longer than 90 seconds each for the auditions to be held at The Empowering U Center, 511 W. Main St, Trappe, PA

3. Contestants must be available for both live show dates of February 9th & 23rd and Dress Rehearsal on February 8th.

4. Songs to be performed for auditions and live shows must be popular, preferably songs that have been in the Top 40 songs heard on the radio. No opera. Showtunes must be well-known and approved in advance. Original songs may be considered, but are not recommended. Song selection has proven to be key in Judge's choices in previous shows. 

5. Contestants will not play instruments for auditions or shows. Songs for live shows MUST BE no longer than 3:30 minutes. Top 5 contestants in each age group will sing a fast and a slow song in the Finale. Judges or Coaches may recommend a list of song choices for each Contestant. Contestants are responsible for providing instrumental music with no background vocals for rehearsals and live shows. 

6. Show Contestants will be judged on a 50 point-based system of 10 categories including voice quality, pitch, stage presence and more. All categories will be covered in the free group coaching sessions.

7. In the event of snow, performance dates may have to moved. We will do our best to accommodate all contestants.

8. Our goal is to have 10 Contestants in each age group, for a total of 20 Contestants. 

9. There is a $50 entry fee for the top 20 Contestants. Contestants may obtain a sponsor for the entry fee. The sponsor will be listed in our event program booklet. Entry fee is due November 30, 2019 payable to Pillars of Light & Love.

10. Since this is a Fundraiser, the top 20 Contestants are also required to obtain at least one $50 event sponsor. Sponsors will be listed in the event program booklet which is used at both live shows attended by over 650 guests.

11. Tickets for each live show will be $15 per adult, $10 for those under 12. 

​12. Guidelines are subject to change, in which case all Final Contestants will be notified.

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